Online media Intelligence platform focused on Arabic content in the MENA region

Our Story

We believe that knowledge is power. By knowing what your customers are saying about you, you can take preventative or corrective action immediately

Our Vision

To empower businesses to reap the opportunity of the MENA region market with top performance data analytics platform for Arabic and local Arabic dialects.


Datalytics24 is an AI SaaS integration platform to modernize the digital customer experience technology for businesses with Arabic-speaking audience in the MENA region.


Our Services



Who’s talking about you on social media? With D24 advanced social media mining and monitoring tools, you’ll know - in real-time. We make it easy to find and contact the people who are talking about you, positively, negatively, or neutrally, so you can react and act accordingly.



With D24 powerful built-in AI analyst, you can manage time-consuming data analytics behind the scenes on auto-pilot. Our cutting-edge technology can help you make sense of huge amounts of unstructured data


Whether the experience was positive or negative, modern customers use the social media channels to express their feedback and experience. We help brands understand their customers experience shared in all social and online channels and monitor the customers sentiment of every elements from brand, products, services to support.

New Metrics

"Datalytics24 is our preferred social listening tool as it is optimized for the different Arabic dialects increasing the accuracy of the insights we deliver to our clients. It also integrates seamlessly with other technologies eliminating data silos within organizations creating a stellar value proposition for any organization"


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