6 must-haves for your social media monitoring tool

6 must-haves for your social media monitoring tool

Getting the most out of your social media channels comes down to a fairly simple principle: 

You need to be as engaged as possible with your audience, your competitors, and the industry you work in. 

But, between LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other networks, the process of monitoring, compiling, and analyzing how well you are doing can be near impossible if you’re exporting and analyzing the data manually.

That’s where a social media monitoring tool can be a huge time saver for you or your team.

There are many social media monitoring tools in the market to choose from and it can be hard to figure out which tool will be the best fit for your organization.

To help you with your search, here are several standard features and benefits social media analytics software must offer to help your team:

Provide a deep understanding of your audience 

The ability to understand who your followers are and how are they interacting with your various channels is a huge benefit of social media monitoring tools. You should be able to decide if the followers you are attracting are the correct ones and which channels they are a part of.

Sentiment analysis

WIth 3 billion social media users, it’s not enough to just know if people are talking about you. You need to know how they feel about you so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. AI-powered sentiment analysis tools can even tell the difference between a serious comment and sarcasm.

Save time

While it is possible to monitor your social media networks with the analytics native to each platform, it would require an immense amount of time and effort to synthesize the data. The biggest benefit of social media monitoring platforms is that they’re plugged in across all your channels so you can see a complete, holistic view. That means your team can spend less time logging into various channels and more time devising strategy and content for your audience.

Effortlessly present your data

The whole point of a brand reputation monitoring tool is to allow you to sift through all the data and noise that exists in social media channels. Any software you choose should provide easy to read reports that are presented in a clean, uncluttered, easy to read way.

Know where you should be most active 

Social media platforms rise and fall every year. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn remain the powerhouses, there are dozens of more niche networks you can join. It’s not possible, nor is it suggested that you have a strong presence on every single site. Any brand reputation monitoring tool should be able to help you identify not only which platform you should be on, but how and when you should post.

Go beyond just social media

It may have social media in the name, but any tool you add to your tech stack should also be monitoring your brand across the web in order to provide a more holistic view of your brand on the web. It should be able to collate you across channels so you know now just what they’re saying about you on Facebook but on blogs as well.

If you’re looking for a social media and brand reputation monitoring tool that provides your team all of the above and more, check out a free trial of Datalytics24.

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