• Never miss a mention : Know what your customers are saying about you, as they say it
  • Follow trends : Know what’s happening worldwide and react to public opinion before negative rumors spread
  • Identify : Find even the simplest of sarcastic comments so you can react instantly
  • Advanced Tech : Leading sentiment technology puts the power in your hands
  • Join discussions : Respond and engage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - all through centralized dashboard.
  • Learn : Use customized reports and predictive analytics to discover what’s working.
  • Monitor worldwide : As long as you have an internet-connected device, you can monitor and react to public opinion 24/7 - from anywhere on the planet.
  • Monitor and analyze information posted online to make better business decisions
  • Take control of disinformation in record time
  • React quickly with 24/7 knowledge retrieval from anywhere in the world

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